Help fund the underpass park

Date: March 10, 2014 Author: Simon McCaffrey Categories: Local Inititives
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Toronto is in dire need of a sheltered skatepark with lights. Thing is it already has one but the City Of Toronto botched the layout, ground, and ramps so it is time to let skateboarders take over with the help from the Toronto Skateboard Committee and approval of the city to build something new.

  • The park has plastic ramps that deteriorated in the first year
  • The ledges in the basketball court get more use than the skatepark, and that's only going to lead to conflict between ball players and skaters
  • The park is full of inch wide cracks, which make skating there dangerous
  • Only a few young local kids skate there. If the ramps were better than older skaters would be able to provide more supervision
  • The park is so underused it's filthy and used more for a a dog park, there is poo everywhere
  • Skaters can fundraise and organize with professional skatepark builders and the City Of Toronto to build a park that would attract skaters from all over the country, instead of being a joke of a park
  • Skateboarding in the streets is a epidemic in Toronto, park would divert skateboarders from causing trouble away from downtown and traffic to a more safe environment 

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