Toronto Skatepark Strategy

TSC board members continue to collaborate with staff from Parks, Forestry and Recreation in creating the Toronto Skatepark Strategy, which should be completed in the next few months.

2015 Toronto Skateboard Survey

The skateboarding survey was conducted by the city and the various questions provided insight into how skateboarders use skateparks. The TSC played a key role in engaging the skateboarding community in filling out the survey. The city received over 1,800 responses.

20 Year Facility Master Plan

The TSC encouraged members of the skateboarding community to complete the Facility Plan survey and to participate in community meetings to share their opinions and insights. TSC executive members participated in numerous stakeholder focus groups.

Skatepark State of Good Repair

TSC make great new connections with Parks Supervisors across the city to address issues and damage at the existing skateparks. The response from the Parks staff was swift and many of the repairs were addressed within 1-2 weeks.

2015 TSC Youth Skate Jam and Forum

Through this event, the TSC successfully connected with and engaged a younger demographic.  This information will help guide the TSC’s goals.

Jane’s Walk

TSC members hosted the first ever “Jane’s Skate” in May, 2015.  They engaged with the broader public and shared insight into street skateboarding and how skateboarders use and interact with public space.

Dunbat Skate Jam

Recreation staff, TSC members, and sponsors from the skateboarding industry held a skateboarding event and barbecue at Dunbat skatepark in September, 2015. The event was well attended by approximately 125 skateboarders.

Parks Summit

The TSC had a small booth set up at this very popular Parks Summit. TSC members educated the general public and made great connections with various parks staff, city councillors and members from other parks groups/initiatives.

Greenline Walk

The Greenline is a unique linear park project and the TSC participated in a walkthrough of the site and discussed the potential for skateboarding to be part of the overall park concept.

Project: UnderGardiner

This project involves a major transformation of vacant land underneath the Gardiner Expressway. The TSC has submitted a formal proposal to include skateboarding in the design. The TSC has engaged with the designers, local councillors and has a seat on the Stakeholder Advisory Committee for the project.

Toronto StreetArt – Dunbat Mural

The TSC has partnered with Toronto Street Art and the Parks Department to bring a much needed mural to Dunbat. Funding is in place and local youth from the Oasis Skateboard Factory will be mentored by the artist and participate in making the mural.

Ethiopia Trip

The TSC members organized a donation drive to provide skateboarding equipment to the growing skateboarding scene in Ethiopia. TSC members personally delivered the gear in Ethiopia and participated in several skateboarding youth festivals and hosted a contest in Addis Ababa.

East York Skatepark Clean-up

The TSC members organized and hosted the 9th Annual East York Skatepark Cleanup & BBQ. Murals were painted by local skaters and professional graffiti artists.  The event was well attended with over 100 skaters and community members.

Guidance and Support for Skatepark Initiatives

The TSC has received many enquiries for new skateparks from local skateboarders, community members and councillors and has provided them with information and guidance on how to develop a skateboarding facility.

Various ongoing initiatives:

  • Ward 39 Skatepark, with Councillor Jim Karygiannis
  • McCowan District Park Skatepark
  • Prairie Drive Park Skatepark
  • Rexdale Ramps, Pinepoint Park skatepark
  • Stanley Green Skatepark (Downsview Park)
  • Malvern Skatepark, York University Ramp
  • Malvern Skatepark, House of Vans Ramps
  • Malvern Permanent Concrete Skatepark
  • Withrow Park Skatepark
  • Ashbridges Bay Skatepark Lights
  • Toronto SkateStop
  • Phil White Arena Indoor Skatepark, Ward 21
  • Earlscourt Park Skatepark, Ward 43
  • Cummer Park Repairs/Additions
  • Warden/Ellesmere Lights

Skatepark Budget Motion

On February 18th, Toronto City Council voted in favour of Motion 4b

4b - Motion to Amend Item moved by Councillor Janet Davis (Carried)
Parks, Forestry and Recreation - Capital Budget

That City Council request the General Manager, Parks, Forestry and Recreation

-          to undertake the planning and design work for new skateboard facilities in 2016, with costs to be funded from the 2016 Capital Budget for facility planning,

-          to include $500,000 construction costs for new skateboard facilities in the 2017 capital budget submission such new locations to be determined by Parks, Forestry and Recreation staff, in consultation with the Toronto Skateboard Committee; and

-          to provide recommendations for an annual capital program for new skateboard facilities in the 2017 – 2026 capital budget to be brought forward at the same time as the Toronto Skateboard Strategy in 2016, in time for the 2017 budget.

Babes Brigade Women’s Skateboarding Contest

TSC member and Babes Brigade founder Stephanie Battieste held Toronto’s first Women’s skateboarding competition. The event was a great success with many participants and spectators.


TSC was in the news on various occasions leading to increased engagement on social media. This was also a good way to spread our message on mainstream media.


The TSC is now sending out a newsletter after our meetings in an effort to further engage with our members and keep members informed about our progress and initiatives.

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