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East York Skatepark


East York Skatepark

Located in Stan Wadlow Park, on Cosburn Ave, just East of Woodbine Ave.

Concrete community sized skatepark, designed with input from the local East York youth group, includes a street area bordering on plaza style and a tight 5’ figure-eight bowl. The street area consists of a ‘Pier 7’ manual pad, ‘Commerce Court style’ multiple stair-sets, several larger stairs, rails, ledges, hubbas, a long ‘Wave’ banked ledge and two granite caped ledges.

Washrooms available at nearby clubhouse during open hours.

The East York Skatepark is a small community park, which has been made possible by Team EY and all the involvement of the skaters of East York and their supporters. Working together since 1998, dealing with local councilors and mega-city political changes, the skaters of East York finally secured money from the city in 2005 and the park was completed spring 2007. 

Jim Barnum (the designer) and Eric Meunier (who did all the smooth concrete work), worked with EY skaters though the construction process and created a park that provided the local skaters with the terrain they wanted. The result is a street area bordering on plaza style and a tight 5’-6’ figure 8 bowl. The street area consists of a Pier 7 manny pad, Commerce Court style multiple 3-sets, some larger sets, various rails and ledges, different sized hubbas, a long banked ledge (“The Wave”) and two granite caped ledges: one down the double set and one over a grass gap.

This park is always busy with locals and has given new life to the area; bringing old school EY skaters out of retirement and breading plenty of new rippers who are just tearing the place up!

The local skaters continue to be involved with the skatepark: organizing annual spring cleanup weekends, mural paints, and even some concrete work - building a new wallride, and rock quarterpipe. The community has also come together to remember Sebastian “Sabby” Perez who past away in the summer of 2008, by hosting memorial fund raisers for his family and dedicating several mural paintings to his memory.  This skatepark has been about EY community involvement since day one and continues to be.

Price: Free

Hours: Sunrise to sunset.

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888 Cosburn Ave,
Toronto, M4C 1A1

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