About the TSC: Interview with Co-chair Nick Pierre

Date: October 28, 2016 Author: Nick Pierre Categories: Success Stories
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“Toronto Skateboarding Committee’s (TSC) Co-chair, Nick Pierre, talks about what the TSC does for the skateboarding community in Toronto.

Skateboarding is a growing culture within the GTA and the TSC is there to make sure that the voices of skaters are heard when talking about the development of skateparks and skatepark programming. After explaining what the TSC does for the community, Nick took some time to shred Lake Devo at Ryerson University.”

See video below.

Phillip La Rosa, a second year student at Durham College studying Broadcasting for Radio and Contemporary Media, created a short documentary interview focusing on the TSC and skateboarding culture within the City of Toronto. Phillip stumbled across the TSC and found skateboarding to be an interesting subject matter for his assignment. Thanks Phillip!