State of Good Repair: Toronto Skateparks

Date: April 10, 2015 Author: Nick Fulton Categories: Local Inititives
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separating concrete Ashbridges Skatepark

Like all recreational facilities, skateparks require maintenance.

Toronto has a large skateboarding population, with limited facilities. The heavy use of these skateparks leads to inevitable damage. While some repairs are for aesthetics or expansion, many are immediately necessary to address safety issues, and the longevity of the skatepark.

[Separating concrete at Ashbridges Skatepark]

The TSC has already begun documenting these issues and has assembled a damage report of the city's east-end skateparks. TSC members even went so far as to dig through snow and ice with locals, who skate right through winter, to make updates in preparation for a presentation to the City of Toronto Budget Committee in early March.

The TSC already has plans to do formal walk-throughs with City of Toronto Park Supervisors in the spring & summer, and to complete a report covering all Toronto skateparks by fall 2015. 

The TSC is committed to maintaining safe and usable skateparks throughout the City of Toronto and would like to ask for your help.

If you see or know of any repairs that are needed please send us a picture and details here:

missing coping Ellesmere Skatepark



[Missing coping Ellesmere Skatepark]






[April 10 UPDATE: Some walk-throughs have already been completed and resulted in swift action from the city. TSC members meet with the Stan Wadlow Advisory Committee in April to review the issues at the East York Skatepark and some repairs were addressed within a week of the meeting. Special thanks to Parks Supervisor Mark Hawkins.]

Fixed Flat Bar East York Skatepark



[Fixed Flat Bar at East York Skatepark]