Success: City Budget Approves Skateboarding Policy!

Date: March 11, 2015 Author: Nick Pierre Categories: Success Stories
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Toronto City Budget Item 29 Skateboarding


Big news!

The city has now committed money in the budget to skateboarding and has been officially directed to work with TSC in developing skateparks in the Recreation Facilities Plan.

This will insure that the skateboarding community of Toronto will be well represented and consulted in all current and future skateboarding issues and projects, such as fixing current skateparks, building new skateparks and new skateboarding programs.

Thanks to City Councillor Janet Davis for putting the motion forward in City Council and to Ariel who gave an excellent deputation at the public meeting with the Toronto Budget Committee and all the members of TSC who contributed to this. 

The official posting on the City of Toronto website is here: Item #29